Gingerbread Dinner Place Names

Gingerbread Dinner Place Names

I came across some gingerbread place names and decided it would be good for my left-over gingerbread.  I decided to use a bell as my base as I didn’t have a great deal of other items to choose from and it was a good size.

I cut out and baked my figures and bells, and quickly (late last night) iced them (could be a better job).  I found my icing writing pen which made putting the names on really easy. I then left them to dry as long as I could, using a plastic cup to hold them in place.

I don’t have time to put any fancy bits on them or even faces, I guess next year I will have to start a lot earlier. This year my husband was in and out of hospital and things have been left to the last minute, but alls good.


Anyway I like them and you can eat them when you’ve finished which is even better – no storage!

Have a very Happy and Festive Christmas and a safe New Year.


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