Company For Lunch

Company For Lunch

Waiting For Food

Although it is still winter here, and believe me we have had some really cold and windy days, there have been the odd pleasant ones with a blue sky and some sunshine.

On a day that was sunny with very little wind we decided to take our lunch outside and enjoy this weather.  We had a very special guest visit us also hoping to be included in our luncheon proceedings. I really wanted to share this with you as it is very special.

Waiting to be fed

Most of them are quite happy to get relatively close to you, and hope that you will give them some of your lunch. 

Ready to move on

On this occasion we had a left over fresh sardine in the fridge, so the pelican was very lucky. They are not too fond of bread, although some of them don’t seem to mind so much.

Time to go

Once the food is gone it’s time to move on until the next time.

Taking flight

How beautiful they are.

Until the next time. 


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