Christmas 2015 Collection

Christmas 2015 Collection

Christmas Roundup

I thought I would put together a small collection of what Christmas items we enjoyed and then follow up with recipes and details after the silly season.Turkey Breast Roasted

Our gorgeous tasty and moist Christmas turkey breast wrapped with prosciutto and brushed with maple syrup. Thanks to Donna Hay for this beautiful recipe we had a beautiful turkey lunch with lots of salads as Melbourne sweltered in the mid-high thirties.

Frozen Dessert

Dessert was a lovely frozen white chocolate mousse with a coffee liqueur sauce, great for a hot day. Recipe thanks to Women’s Weekly.

Shortbread Cookies

With coffee we had these great shortbread cookies with a twist. They had a lovely filling of various glace/dried fruit, Yum Yum. Thanks to Taste for the recipe.

Chocolate Selection

Also for after dinner a selection of home made chocolate truffles,  eggnog, salted caramel and rum balls.

Hot Chocolate Spoons

As a gift, hot chocolate dipping spoons. Unfortunately the heat had its affect on the chocolate, but I bet they will taste just as good.

Cookies in a jar

Cookies in a jar. Another great present idea for those that don’t cook a lot. 


Finally, the snowmen. What a great table decoration and edible to boot. A very moist christmas cake filling covered with thin layers of marzipan and fondant icing. Everyone wanted to take them home and not eat them.

Thats about it for me for now. I will follow up in the New Year with more information and recipes on these items, but until then enjoy this time together with family and friends.



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