Gingerbread House 2015

Gingerbread House 2015

Gingerbread House 2016

My gingerbread house this year was left to the very last minute. My grandson was not going to be able to help decorate it as in previous years. I was going to make the Zumbo special gingerbread house but decided I didn’t have enough time to finish for Christmas day.

I decided to go with my usual gingerbread recipe but use the shape idea from zumbo but on a smaller scale.  The decorations were applied to the individual pieces before building the gingerbread house.  I found applying the lollies to the individual pieces so much easier and they didn’t want to fall off sticking them to a flat surface.

                     Front of gingerbread house                         Roof detail gingerbread house

Because I had put so many freckles on the roof it was particularly heavy. After applying the royal icing I needed to use items (coconut milk tins worked well) to hold the roof up so that it didn’t slide off. I had put so many freckles on the roof I couldn’t put on the chimney so decided to leave it off this year.

The taste was really good as usual with plenty of lollies for everyone. May be next year I will attempt something more involved, and begin a little earlier. 


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