Regular Show Birthday Cake

Regular Show Birthday Cake

Kelly Birthday Cake

Recently it was my grandsons’ birthday and he is a keen fan of the Regular Show. He wanted his cake this year to incorporate a number of characters from the show, with the main ones being Mordecai and Rigby. Benson, Skips and Pops plus a few more were added to the bottom tier of the cake.

Homemade fondant          Buttercream iced cake

I decided to make my own fondant for this cake and researched on the internet and found one that appeared to be good. I will include the recipe I used on another post. We covered the two cakes in buttercream icing using vanilla, but you could use any flavour you like.

Top Tier Covered In Blue Fondant          Bottom Tier Covered In Green Fondant

We covered the top tier in the blue representing the sky and the base in green for the ground.  We placed the blue tier on top of the green and didn’t use any supports as we used sponge cake

Decorated cake sides

Extra pieces of fondant were cut out to represent clouds and bushes. The characters had been drawn and then flooded with royal icing in the respective colours.

Character detail on cake

The main characters were put on the cake and the remainder were spread amongst the bushes around the bottom tier of cake. Because the fondant was still soft when decorating, the clouds worked wonders covering little finger dents that we had made.

The cake was a huge success and the taste was really good. Happy Birthday Kelly for 2015.

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