European Travel – Venice

European Travel – Venice


St Marks San Marco

After leaving Milan it was only a short drive to where we had to leave the car before catching the water transport to our accommodation in Venice.

Passing under bridge on canal

Water Taxi To Hotel

We had researched quite a few accommodation places before booking on line and had decided to stay at Duodo Palace Hotel in San Marco. It was a great choice with authentic Venetian décor and style with great service. Our room was air conditioned which we wanted and were very thankful of, as the day we arrived the temperature was 40˚, and even the locals were complaining of the heat.

Rialto Bridge Main Canal

Gondola Rides

Not being a water person, I didn’t want to go for a ride on a gondola, the water taxi to the hotel was sufficient for me.

Boat Traffic On The Canals

The traffic on the canals is crazy, with water ferries, water taxis, private boats, sightseeing ferries, gondolas and transport boats delivering mail, food etc.

Delivering goods on the canals

Deliveries being made to businesses

I was quite happy walking along the canals and laneways, definitely with a map in hand as it is so easy to get lost. We found some great little boutiques and the shopping area around the Rialto Bridge and some around St. Marks Square. I had bought some venetian glass jewellery on our previous visit, so this time I bought a necklace and matching earings. We did however buy a linen and lace tablecloth which was beautiful but very heavy.

Shopping around Rialto Bridge

We enjoyed a beautiful lunch at one of the cafes on the canals (refer the picture below, where the pink flowers are) before going to check out the local markets.

Cafes On The Canal

           Portion Of The Fish Market                    More Of The Fish Market       

           Part Of The Food Market                    Fruit For Sale At The Market

 This is a daily market in the commercial centre alongside the Grand Canal. You can find fruit, fish and vegetables at the market.

Range Of Food At The Market

Back to St Marks Square to enjoy an iced tea on what was again a really hot day, and very thankful for the misters placed around the outside café. If any one has seen the movie One Chance about the opera singer Paul Potts, the scenery when he was in Venice was a true reminder of how lovely this place is.

View On One Of The Canals

After a pre-dinner drink at Duodo Palace Hotel we decided to walk through St Marks Square to the main canal and see what options we had for dinner. We decided to eat at Hotel Savoia Jolanda Restaurant in their outside terrace as it was a beautiful evening.


This image was downloaded from their website.  As you can see a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy a meal.

We could not have wished for better service or food, all in all a fantastic evening.

 Boat Parking

Walking back through St Marks Square there were areas totally covered in water, and some of the restaurants had to remove tables and chairs out of the way. For us this was strange to see but I guess these businesses are very used of it over time.

 Gondolas On The Canal

Although a fairly short visit again, it was very enjoyable and I would visit again should the opportunity arise.








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