Tasmania – Salamanca Hobart

Tasmania – Salamanca Hobart

Close up of statue

I have been very quiet recently and that is partly due to travelling both overseas and local. So to ‘get back in the saddle’ I thought I would cover the recent trip to Tasmania, mainly Salamanca in Hobart. 

We flew to Tasmania with Tiger Air for the first time to Hobart and the flight was good. The new  T4 terminal  at Tullamarine Airport although not fully finished was fantastic. I think once completed it will be a really great addition to the airport with lots of shops and eateries for the consumer to enjoy.

Mt Wellington

As you can see from this picture of Mt. Wellington the weather was very overcast, it was windy, wet and cold for majority of our visit.

One of the places we wanted to visit was Sullivans Cove Whisky. We checked their website out and decided to go and have a tasting of this fine drop.

Sullivans Cove

The last time we purchased this whisky was back in the late 1990’s when they were located at Sullivans Cove, Hobart, we still have the original decanter at home.

Whisky Decanter

Now in a new location in Cambridge the distillery is open for visitors Monday to Friday to tour the facility and taste the single malt whiskies at their leisure.

Whisky tasting        Tasting room

The whisky is made using only Tasmanian ingredients, and has numerous trophies with the biggest one being in 2014 when the Sullivans Cove French oak was named World’s Best Single Malt Whisky at the prestigious World Whisky Awards in London.

Salamanca market 1        salamanca market 2

We were excited to be going to the Salamanca Market held every Saturday from 8 am until 3 pm. Unfortunately for us the weather was not good with strong winds and heavy rain, and a large number of the stallholders were not there. It was still nice to walk around those that braved the weather and see the local products.

Truffles Store        Truffles

One of the stalls we looked at was Tasmanian Truffles and learnt a bit about this very pungent product. I Personally like truffle oil drizzled over cauliflower soup, yum.

Truffles 2

There were stalls with beautiful Tasmanian wood products. The ones that took my eye were those made of Sassafras. My son decided to purchase a board made of this wood so that he could display his Sullivans Cove whisky and glasses which he had purchased. Great choice!

Tasmanian timber         Timber Tray

For the remainder of our trip we spent some time walking around and visiting the shops in Salamanca Square. These beautiful bronze statues were something else!


Plaque for statue

There is accommodation available backing onto the square and lovely places to sit out and enjoy food and/or coffee weather permitting of course.

Accommodation       Salamanca   

As an extension to Salamanca Place there are a great mixture of shops both in the arcades leading to as well as in Salamanca Square. We visited the Tassal shop with its lovely display of local salmon.

Salmon Shop

Tassal          Tas Salmon

We also came across Hammer and Hand a metal workshop and gallery, as well as Artefacts Inc and various other shops in the arcade.

Shop In Arcade          Walkway

One very interesting shop for us was the providores  A Common Ground, a tiny place with Bruny Island cheeses to taste and yes bacon from Mathew Evans, The Gourmet Farmer himself. We could not resist purchasing some to have a taste for breakfast. Yummo!

Special Bacon

Salamanca Place has quite a number of galleries with various products available for purchase. I managed to take a couple of photos of these, but generally they don’t like pictures being taken.

Gallery 2

Gallery 1

Gallery Window

On our last day we decided to try to visit Mt. Wellington even though the weather wasn’t great. We managed to drive about half way up the mountain but the road was closed from there upwards. After parking the car we walked a little way and managed to see small drifts of snow albeit slightly hard in gullies around the trees. Even with the small amount of snow, it allowed the young ones to have the odd snowball fight(even though slightly firm), and yes still very wet! I wonder who had the wet trousers?

Mt Wellington Distant Shot

All in all a great trip to Salamanca Hobart albeit short and not very good weather. 





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