Easter Goodies

Easter Goodies

I thought I would make a few different Easter Goodies this year. A friend gave me some coloured fondant and I thought I could use some of this on the cookies.

I used a standard cut-out cookie dough and baked them first. Once cold I used the same cutter to cut out the fondant and then apply to the cookies in varying designs.

I made tails out of fondant covered with 100’s and 1000’s and painted on the other details (even though I wasn’t very happy with the way the faces turned out).

I decided to make some more fudge again using the “marshmallow fluff” and different sprinkles on the top, this time with a lemony flavour.


I also thought that cake pops might be nice, originally with an Easter theme. These didn’t quite work out as I wanted and therefore changed how they ended up.


It was great fun making all these goodies and I really enjoyed decorating the bunny faces with the fondant, even though they took quite a while.

Hope you have fun and enjoy all what you make for Easter and have a very Safe Holiday Break.




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