Gingerbread House 2018

Gingerbread House 2018

A little late this year getting the gingerbread house finished. The humidity we have been experiencing here in Melbourne didn’t help matters. We had a couple of little ‘breakages” and had to do a patch here and there, thankfully the lollies cover everything, and only I know where they are!

I didn’t get the variety in lollies this year and found the colours all very similar. But I stuck with the Freckles for the roof, as I think everyone loves these.


I came across the idea of using an ice cream cone as a base for a tree. The idea was to use the mint leaves to form the shape, unfortunately one packet barely made it, but I had to make do as time was running short.

Again I used my standard gingerbread recipe which seems to be an all time favourite. My grandson also wanted his blank house so that he can decorate it when he comes at Christmas.

I have one more gingerbread item, still being worked on, hopefully will have it finished in time to post here.




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