Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

Wow! Mother’s Day came around so quickly after Easter this year it felt like the baking didn’t really slow down.  It is really nice to make something for your Mum and home-made is always appreciated.


Edible gift tags

I thought it might be nice to make some cookies to use as gift tags with individual messages. I just used my usual cookie recipe and again applied fondant and then used a stamp to imprint the message.

Again using the cookie dough and fondant, I made a few flowers, and just made a centre using fondant and then sprinkles.

As per Valentines Day I made the chocolate shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate with various sprinkles (this one with hearts).

Mini lemon meringues were also made as they are so good to eat, and loved by many mums. We made these for a fundraising event last year and they were very popular.

Whatever you make I hope you have as much fun as I do putting these items together.



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