Gingerbread House for Christmas 2017

Gingerbread House for Christmas 2017

Gingerbread House

I finally completed my Gingerbread House for this Christmas and I think it might be a little larger than normal. 


I decided to change the roof finish this year and use chocolate tiles.  I bought a pack of after dinner mints from Aldi and found that I was 1 chocolate tile short to complete the task. Fortunately I had bought another pack which were orange, and decided to have one side of the roof in mint and the other in orange.  This way I was able to cover the complete roof.  I also came across these chocolate twisted licorice that I thought would go well on top of the roof.  


I try to decorate my house when hubby is no where to be found as he generally wants to try all the lollies.  Fortunately he was out for the day and I had to stop myself from covering all the gingerbread with lollies. 


I found these mini reindeer from Maltesers Merryteaser and decided to put them on the board next to the house this year just for a little difference.

As always I used the original recipe for gingerbread and made a separate house the same size for my grandson to decorate before Christmas.

DSC_0079 (1)

I also made two smaller ones for decorating by my sons partners children who also get pleasure out of this lovely Christmas activity.

I hope you have fun decorating your Gingerbread Houses.






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