Cranberry, Apple, Cinnamon Yoghurt Bread

Cranberry, Apple, Cinnamon Yoghurt Bread

My husband loves anything with apple, so I decided to go through recent recipe finds to see what I had. I came across a loaf recipe using blueberries and it sounded really good. I thought I had either frozen or dried blueberries available but on checking I found I had neither. I did however have frozen cranberries, and I thought they would be really good until I tasted one and realized how sour they actually were.

I decided however to still go along with these and make some adjustments to the recipe to counteract the bitter fruit.  I added some white chocolate chips and walnuts for a bit of crunch.

The top had the pumpkin seeds as per the recipe, but again I decided to put some more of the white chocolate chips on whilst still warm and then spread them out over the seeds.

The loaf was cooked in 40 minutes rather than the 55 minutes to 1 hour as stated on the recipe, but I guess you will need to check your cake baking time depending upon your oven.

We both had a slice of this cake on the second day and it was definitely a little softer than on the day it was baked, but I liked this.

I believe this recipe can be tailored to suit what you like, whether it be raspberries, apricots or even figs, and nuts or chocolate chips if that is what takes your fancy.

For the original recipe please go to:

I will definitely be making this again perhaps as per the original recipe or may be again with a slight twist.

Happy baking!



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