The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Now ok to go

It was a great day for Melbourne riders today to participate in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. Each rider collected sponsors covering their ride raising much needed funds towards the cure for Prostrate Cancer. My son and grandson were part of the 452 riders taking part in this very worthy cause, raising around $92,228 in Melbourne alone. 

This event takes place in 79 countries and 410 cities, with more than 35,919 smartly-dressed gentlefolk riding cafe racers, scramblers, and many other custom motorcycles.

Ready To Start     

My son decided to go part way to the meeting point alone and for my grandson to join him a short ride away. My grandson was dressed for the occasion and ready to join in.

Getting set to leave          Now ok to go

All ready to go and join the group at the Exhibition Buildings.

Exhibition Buildings Start Off

Waiting for all the riders to arrive prior to our final instructions before departure.

Bikes ready and waiting          A few bikes

There were bikes of all shapes and sizes, and riders dressed in all types of finery.

The Honda Bike

The restored Honda CB450 bike which took my son many hours of hard work and plenty of money to get ready for this event.

Can't wait to leave

My grandson excited and raring to go!

Hats on ready          Get In Position For the Ride

Hats on, getting prepared to exit the meeting point.

Almost Ready to Go          The Convoy begins

All riders ready to go and excitement is mounting.

Leaving the Exhibition Buildings          More Bikes Leaving

Waiting to get on the road

Well and truly ready to get on with the ride as the sun starts to appear.

The Journey Begins          First Stop Pitt Lane - Grand Prix

The first stop was Grand Prix Pitt Lane. What a sight with all the bikes together.

Approaching the Melbourne Boathouse          Rest stop boathouse

After a short ride, the second stop was next to the Yarra River down near the boatshed. Plenty of room to park the bikes and take a well earned breather.

Here we go again

With engines roaring and pulses racing, the riders were ready once again for the next epic section of the planned ride.

On the next leg of the trip

What a fantastic event and a fun way to raise money for such a wonderful cause.  To date over US$2 million has been raised, they are hoping for this to go to US$3 million.

Congratulations to all riders and event organizers, a spectacular day!









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