Lego Birthday Cake – Best Butter Cake Recipe Ever

Lego Birthday Cake – Best Butter Cake Recipe Ever

Cake with lego figures

It was my grandson’s 9th birthday on Friday and he wanted a Lego Cake for his party and it had to be a red Lego block.  

My son intended to make this cake on Friday in time for the party celebrations on Saturday. As “murphy’s law” would have it, he had an overseas friend to catch up with and work appointments he could not get out of. 

Although my son was a chef he asked if I could make the cakes for him knowing as he put it “you are better at cakes than I am” which is a really nice compliment. I searched the internet for a Butter Cake recipe and came across one made by Mrs NgSK.

Lego Butter Cake

Although the recipe suggests these cakes go into 8″ square pans we used rectangular pans so that we could get the shape we required.  We also cut out the 6 round shapes for the top of the Lego block from one of the rectangle cakes. The only change I made to the original ingredients was that I reduced the sugar from 150g to 140g, however this is entirely up to you.

Best Butter Cake

This cake is one of the best butter cakes I have tasted, and the left-over pieces kept really well (although it was hard to stop my husband eating them all).

We found the consistency of the cake easy to manage and apply icing to, we did brush the cake with a little syrup before putting the red icing on. My grandson also wanted salted caramel as the filling in between the cakes. 

As you can see my son did a great job with the icing and decorations even though it meant going to bed after 1am. My grandson was thrilled with the result and the taste was fantastic. 

Lego Cake

Just in case you missed the link further up this post here it is again The Best Ever Butter Cake Recipe.

This is a cake recipe that will be made over and over again in this house.

Hope you enjoy this butter cake as much as we did!

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